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Blood Bank Management Software

  • Blood Bank Management Software is multipurpose software ,its design and structure is so robust and reliable that it can be operated by an individual organization or by the part of the hospital.

    In this Software everything is facilitate of blood banking process as Donor Registration ,Donor Physical & Medical Details, TTI Screening and Inventory Management , Blood Requisition and cross-matching, Secured environment & Login Facility , Interfacing with equipments , No installation and report generation .

    Blood Bank Management Software

    • Comprehensive administrative and business process module
    • Donor Management such as Donor Registration, Managing donor database, recording their physical and medical statistics.
    • Inhouse and Outhouse donor registration
    • Donation screening for physical and medical fitness before blood donation on guidelines issued by NACO

Functionality of Blood Bank Software

Donor Registration

BBMS allows the application

BBMS allows the application users to store the donor details in the application itself. As soon as a donor is registered with the application a unique identification number is assigned to him automatically which remains same throughout the life time of donor. Any subsequent donations made by the same donor automatically got linked up with the same identification number.

  • Donor Management such as Donor Registration, Managing donor database
  • Recording their physical and medical statistics.

Donor physical & medical details

Donor Management such as Donor Registration,

System allows the user to store physical and medical details of the donor at the time of the registration which could later on be edited during the time of subsequent donations. Application also allows the users to check the eligibility criteria of the donors for making donations, depending on which a track of blacklisted or the deferred donors can be kept for the future referrals. These all checks and the medical details are in accordance with the standards issued by the NACO.

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TTI screening & Inventory management

BBMS provides its users to organize and manage the inventory (Blood bags inventory, blood component inventory etc.) for their blood bank. System allows the users to store bleeding date, bleeding volume etc. at the time of collection of blood which can be utilized for processing the blood present in the bank. User can store the records for blood bags present in the bank, the blood components created and imported in the bank. Every single unit/component will be assigned a unique ID for which Bar code can be generated and can be pasted on the bags itself for later on identification. System allows the user to specify the location of the blood bags and another type of inventory to enable the easy retrieval. The end user is able to store the blood in quarantine till the time it has passed the TTI screening as per specified standards issued by NACO.

  • blood will be processed to the discard samples for which the reports can be generated any time later on.
  • After which the blood which has passed the tests will be moved to inventory with their unique identification numbers and the rejected.

Blood requisition & Cross matching

BBMS allows the user to request for blood and blood transfusion for which the cross matching using the appropriate technique can be carried out and the results can further be processed and analyzed by the experts to issue the blood. Also various reports for blood requisition.

  • generated at run time.
  • cross matching can be.

Secured environment & login facility

System provides the users a secured environment to work inside the application by accepting the log in ID’s and passwords from the users. Also working in the application empowers the user to share data and other information in encrypted format for which v have been

  • arious effective techniques
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No installation & Report generation

As it is a web application, it prevents users from any kind of hindrances faced during installation or up-gradation of application. User simply needs a browser to access the application.

Various comprehensive reports can be generated any time by the end user to measure the performance parameters in the blood bank and also to and

  • analyses the inventory
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Interfacing with equipments

The facility to use Bar code machine in the application itself enhances the efficiency of the users and also reduces any < /p>

  • chances of errors in the smooth
  • functioning of blood bank.

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