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  • Healthcare Software Development – Complete Informatics Solutions

    Healthcare IT is a quickly growing industry sector with huge opportunities and increasing competitive pressures. Healthcare software development vendors and in-house IT departments must keep up with an ever-changing technology and regulatory landscape to stay ahead of the curve. Especially critical is the ability to provide integration and exchange between multiple systems, as well as multiple methods of access to data (e.g. internal networks, Web and mobile devices etc.).

    Our Capabilities as a Healthcare Software Provider

    To rapidly and cost-effectively provide healthcare software development and support services, Manacle leverages a pool of 6,000+ engineers with experience in desktop and Web application design, UI design and implementation, data exchange protocols, scalability and performance tuning, and security implementation. We also employ over 400 healthcare software engineers with skills that include:

    Medical systems connectivity (X12 EDI, IHE XDS, HL7, CCD/CDA, DICOM)

    Data security and privacy (HIPAA, HITECH, PCI)

    FDA and CE requirements

    Scalability, SaaS and Cloud Computing

    Mobile health applications and Telemedicine

    Medical device data acquisition (Continua, IEEE 11073

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