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Hospital Management System

  • Hospital Management System in a Hospital or a Nursing Home would require to very precise and must result into cost cutting and efficient management. We have developed this revolutionary product” Electra” is very accurate in its approach and suit all environments including large, medium or small sites. The crucial points that “Electra” emphasis on are listed in the following paragraphs which in turn justify your purchase.

    1. Electra would enable hospitals or Nursing Homes to serve the rapidly growing number of health care consumers in a cost-effective manner.

    2. Electra can also save extra money on your current computer hardware shopping. Check up with our executive to more on this.

    3. Hospital administrators would be able to significantly improve the operational control and thus streamline operations.

    4. This would enable to improve the response time to the demands of patient care because it automates the process of collecting, collating and retrieving patient information.

    5. The senior Doctors would spend his precious time more in clinical activities than to put in clerical activities otherwise.

    6. This software interface would also save them a lot of time for special jobs only.

    7. Accounting sometimes becomes awfully pathetic and complex. This product will eliminate any such complexity, since the retrieval of information through its MIS will become virtually on the tip of your fingers.

    8. Very important for some, the reduced cost of the manpower would pay for the cost of this product with in a short time after its implementation.

HMS Software Product

Hospital Management Registration

HMS allows the application

HMS is a software product suite designed to improve the quality and management of clinical care and hospital health care management in the areas of clinical process analysis and activity-based costing. HMS enables you to develop your organization and improve its effectiveness and quality of work. Managing the key processes efficiently is critical to the success of the hospital. HMS helps you manage your processes. HMS provides all process management tool elements: modeling, analysis, and simulation. Documentation though an important part of a Hospital, is a non-productive exercise for the intellectual human being, whose ability lies in core areas of excellence.

  • Hence a systematic approach to the way documents are managed.
  • can transform your Hospital resources to its highest utility and advantage.

Increase the profitability of the organization.

health care consumers in a cost-effective manner.

1. HMS enables hospitals and doctors to better serve their patients.

2. Improved quality of patient care.

3. Increased nursing productivity.

4. Reducing the time spent by staff filling out forms, freeing resources for more critical tasks.

5. Better quality of care, procedures and service to Patients.

6. Control over the costs incurred by diagnosis-related groups.

  • You will require less number of Staff to cater more patients in same time or even less.
  • You would have the choice to re-deploy them at other suitable locations.

Features of Software

Key Functions - MIS

1. Patient Registration

2. Appointment Scheduling

3. Admission Discharge Transfer

4. Wards and Bed Management Module

5. Doctors and Nursing Workbench

6. Operation Theater

7. Laboratory and Pharmacy Information System

8. Central Sterilized Supply Department

9. Housekeeping/Laundry and Equipment Maintenance System (EMS)

10.Patient Billing MIS

Blood requisition & Cross matching

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BBMS allows the user to request for blood and blood transfusion for which the cross matching using the appropriate technique can be carried out and the results can further be processed and analyzed by the experts to issue the blood. Also various reports for blood requisition and the cross matching can be generated at run time.

Secured environment & login facility

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System provides the users a secured environment to work inside the application by accepting the log in ID’s and passwords from the users. Also working in the application empowers the user to share data and other information in encrypted format for which various effective techniques have been utilized in the application itself.

No installation & Report generation

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As it is a web application, it prevents users from any kind of hindrances faced during installation or up-gradation of application. User simply needs a browser to access the application.

Various comprehensive reports can be generated any time by the end user to measure the performance parameters in the blood bank and also to analyses the inventory and other aspects in blood bank.

Interfacing with equipments

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The facility to use Bar code machine in the application itself enhances the efficiency of the users and also reduces any chances of errors in the smooth functioning of blood bank.

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