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About Telecom Industry:

  • The need for IT services within the telecom sector has been steadily increasing over the years, especially with the demand for telecommunication services.

    At Manacle, we offer an array of software development services within the telecom and networking sectors.

    Our services include the development of telecom software solutions, IT Infrastructure Management Services, testing, telecom security services, implementation and maintenance of the developed telecom software solutions.

    Depending on your requirements, we offer turn-key solutions, (for fixed requirements) or time and material solutions (for more dynamic requirements).

    We offer a Telecom services – a component based Element Management System and Network Management System for equipment vendors. It consists of a set of pre-built scalable NMS components addressing the generic Topology and FCAPS functionality (source and binary) Network views (map/shelf/tree) and North bound interfaces (CORBA, XML, SNMP, TL1 etc.).

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