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Business Support Systems (BSS)

  • Business Support Systems (BSS) is a collective term for Telecom Software solutions used to support customers. BSS covers software that supports Billing & Charging, Customer Management, Product Design & Management, Sales & Marketing, Order & Order Activation.

    BSS contrasts with the related term Operational Support Systems (OSS) which are network-facing solutions.

    These two sets of solutions are closely related and increasingly need to work together, thus the terms BSS/OSS, OSS/BSS, BSSOSS and BOSS are often used.

    At Manacle, We have experts who have worked on various COTS for many E2E Implementations across the Globe on COTS like Comverse One, CSG Singl.eView, CSG Mediation, CSG Interconnect , Oracle BRM, BSCS, Telarix iXTools, Mobile Apps, E2E Testing, Performance Testing, Operations & Maintenance Support.

    Manacle has worked for Clients JT (Jersey Telecom) Jersey-UK, Expresso Ghana and WASEL TELECOM Afghanistan providing support for different Telecom BSS Applications.


Revenue Management:-

  • Covers Billing,
  • Charging and Settlement,
  • Mediation,
  • Rating,
  • Revenue Assurance,
  • Fraud Management and Payments.

Customer Management:-

  • Covers Customer Relationship Management (CRM),
  • Call Centre Technology,
  • Partner Relationship Management (PRM).

Product Management:-

Covers Development, Sales and Management of Products, Offers and bundles to businesses and mass-market customers. It includes:-

  • Service Creation,
  • Service Development Platforms (SDPs),
  • Product Catalogs,
  • Marketing Solutions.

Order Management:-

    Covers taking and handling the Customer Order. This is now often included as part of the customer management solution and involves a close integration with OSS solutions.

    • Improved time-to-market through pre-integrated offer configuration
    • Reduced order fallout by ensuring pre-defined
    • Deployment / process reconfiguration without additional operational costs

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