mBlood Bank (Integrate Blood Bank Management Solutions)

Donor Management

Blood Bank Management System Software is a comprehensive ready to use software designed to automate and manage the activities of the Blood Bank which includes Donor Registration.

Easy Registration Process

Easy Registration Process with User Friendly mobile Apps and Web interface, Easy to access from anywhere with all process blood banking stepsSent.

Integrated Communication

Integrated SMS and Email APIs to update about the greetings and other notification to all Donors.

Automated Grouping & Crossmatch Process

Unique and automated grouping process of Samples, Testing of Bloods and Shifting to Inventory.

Analytics & Reports

Easy to drill down through the analytics tools and lots of Reports related to Finance, Accounting, and Donor Historical Data etc.

Duty Roster Management

Manacle has developed custom software application especially designed to assist in the complex task of organising employee shift schedules (also known as rosters) for small organisations. It was originally targeting Staff Allocation, Shift Management, Inventory Allocation, and generates Analytics & Reports.

Staff Allocation

Automatic Allocation of Staffs with Doctors for any Camps or In-house special activities or Regular Duty Roster Master.

Shift Management

Automatic Shift Allocation on the basis of predefined unique algorithms.

Inventory Allocation

Automatic supportive Inventory Allocation for any Camp / Inhouse blood donation camp.

Analytics & Reports

Analytics and reports for Data visualization and insights, foresights, forecasting etc.

Grouping & Testing

This module manages and facilitates all Samples and Blood Unit Cross Matching, Manage Patient Blood Grouping and testing, Manage Issues to Patients, Hospitals, Record Post Transfusion Data, Releasing of Cross Matched Blood Units.

Machine Integration API

Tools and API to integrated the machine for automatic grouping from samples.

Roll based Authentication

Roll based Authentication for Grouping and Testing both like Technician, Senior Technician and Final Authentication of Doctor.

RH phenotyping

Next Level of Grouping Tools and Technologies till the RH Phenotyping.

Analytics & Reports

Graphical Analytics and Reports for All grouping history and reports for grouping and History.

Inventory Management

This module manages all Blood Unit Inventory / Stock both Screened and Unscreened Blood Units and update the anytime any day stock and can help in updating in Blood Bank Bulletin Boards Websites, Auto SMS on Group wise stock.

Stock Management

Stock Management of All groups of Blood Bags, Refrigerator Management and stock information.

Alert & Notification

Alert & Notification related to threshold and stocks for all the groups. Integrated with Websites and Mobile Apps.

Supportive Product Inventory

All types of Chemicals and other products inventory and consumption input and information.

Analytics & Reports

Analytics reports and consumption trends and lots of information from the reports.

Leave & Payroll Management

Blood bank Leave and Payroll Management Software simplifies every step in the process—from requesting, approving and tracking time out of the office to automatically updating accruals. because Our leave Management Software was specifically designed for vacation tracking and paid time off, it is the most complete, intuitive solution on the market.

Leave Management

All Types of leaves with apply, approval and salary adjustment process. Balance Leave, Carry Forward and Easy Leave application Format for all types of Employees.

Salary Generation

Easy way to generate the Salary on Single button Click for all types of Employees like Ad-hoc Employees, Contract Employees, Regular & Permanent Employees.

Arrear Calculation

Easy way to calculate the arrears calculation for any type of increment like DA increment, Basic Pay Fixation, Salary increment in percentage etc.

Income Tax Calculation

Income Tax Calculation process using the Payroll Management Software is too easy for all type of employees.

BI & Dashboard

Graphical User Interface

Good Quality of Graphical representation for KPI, Comparison, Analytics, Trends Etc

Color Coded

Color Coded presentation for Trending of Data, KPI, Data Driven Activities etc.


Many types of Charts to represent the data in the analytics dashboard as PIE Charts, Bar Charts, Donut Charts etc.

Advanced Analytics

Apart from the data presentation there are lots of many more analytics tools like predictive analysis, forecasting on the behalf of available etc.