About Us

Manacle Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Delhi based software development company providing customized software solutions to the organizations. Its proven credentials and commitment to quality services give Manacle an edge over the others in meeting IT and Software demands of the companies who have urge to transform and grow exponentially by use of information technology.

We, at Manacle Technologies value customer satisfaction and our dedicated team of Software developers always strives to innovate & excel.

Our software solutions are widely used in the manufacturing, FMCG, Pharma, Dairy and Healthcare Industries supporting them in automation of their sales processes which include Human Resource Management (HRMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Tracking System, Order Management and sales forecasting solutions. Over the time we have developed expertise in digitalizing the sales and salesforce management system (SFA) through our core application mSELL.

Manacle Technologies takes pride in serving New Delhi Municipal Corporation through its application mPubG (NDMC 311). mPubG brings civic authorites face to face with citizens through smart phone application that has revolutionised local body government's Governance capabilities. Every Panchayat, Nagar Palika / Nigam and Municipal corporation would necessarily need this application mPubG for bringing transparency and efficiency in their Corporte Governance.

Our mEDU solution digitalizes entire work processes of educational institutions (schools & Colleges). While no educational institution can afford to administer their affairs mannually today, Manacle takes pride in developing zero error application mEDU.

Manacle, a responsible software developer, very well understands economic structure & market segments of India. We believe in bringing positive transformation & productive changes in the companies constantly, we associate with by providing software tools & applications those help them in making best use of their resources.

Manacle ensures that its tools and software are user friendly, easy to operate and integrate with multiple devices and applications. Cost effectiveness had always been and shall ever be Manacle's endeavour.