Though the total value of products from the entire Ayurvedic production in India is on the order of USD One Billion, the distribution system in this field of medicine is very fragmented. This presents very unique challenges in commercialization of the sales channel for the companies.

Manacle takes pride in working closely with some of the major Indian players in this field. Manacle is the trusted IT solution provider and an on-field partner for providing the deep dive domain expertise in Channel Sales management using technology for the healthcare companies in India.

Whether you’re responsible for providing care or managing costs; having access to the right information at the point of decision is critical. By bringing the data together from healthcare applications, Qlik provides answers to the questions that directly effect patient outcomes. This allows your clinic or trust to deploy best of breed solutions throughout the patient-care process, whilst maintaining a centralised point of access for the data, which provides the information to support decisions.

mSELL (An End to End Sales Channels Automation Solutions)

  • Order & Sales Management.
  • Billing & Dispatch Management.
  • Schemes & Discount Managements.
  • Distributors & Retailer Claim Management.
  • Outstanding & Payments Collection Management.
  • Complaint & Redressel Management.

mBlood Bank (Integrate Blood Bank Management Solutions)

  • Donor Registration:- mBlood Bank allows the application users to store the donor details in the application itself. As soon as a donor is registered with the application a unique identification number is assigned to him automatically which remains same throughout the life time of donor.
  • Donor physical and medical details:- System allows the user to store physical and medical details of the donor at the time of the registration which could later on be edited during the time of subsequent donations.
  • TTI screening & Inventory Management:- mBlood Bank provides its users to organize and manage the inventory (Blood bags inventory, blood component inventory etc.) for their blood bank.
  • Blood requisition & Cross matching:- mBlood Bank allows the user to request for blood and blood transfusion for which the cross matching using the appropriate technique can be carried out and the results can further be processed and analyzed by the experts to issue the blood.
  • Secured environment & login facility:- System provides the users a secured environment to work inside the application by accepting the log in ID’s and passwords from the users.

Manacle’s extensive experience in the Indian market, especially in the Sales Channel and Distribution Management System, combined with domain expertise in the healthcare segment makes it the right choice for healthcare companies to work with.